At the Old Mulberry Country Estate and Farm we tried to incorporate a riding experience for a large number of rider affinities, thus covering all the riding styles: gallop, canter, trot and stride. Our trails are thought through in a way to let the rider encounter as much diversity on each trail as possible, concerning both the ride itself as well as the diversity of terrain and notable sights on the trail.

There are many creeks and gorges leading down to open valleys where riders can canter over the rolling landscapes. On our trails, riders go up and down mild hillsides, pass through open fields, mystic woods, brushes and by crystal clear springs. The terrain is mildly hilly with beautiful valleys in between ideal for canter and gallop. In the forests, we take a slower pace to let the rider and animal calm and relax in the enchanting green shade. As such, it is interesting and fun for the experienced rider or beneficial to the novice rider as it helps to find a more balanced and secure seat.

Every trail also passes through authentic Croatian villages. Our area is full of such small villages, often counting not more than a few wooden homes of local folk. This type of sightseeing also allows our guests to get to know the local culture, traditions and even interact with the local people. The locals are especially fond of letting guests try their cuisine and even sharing traditional cooking recipes.