You can contact us via the addresses and numbers below or through one of the travel agencies we are related with.


Phone: +385 44 888 555

Cell: +385 91 246 2001


Address: Golinja 123, 44410 Gvozd


Working hours

Our working hours are on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) from 10AM to 20AM. We are open seasonally during the spring, summer and fall, usually from the month of May to the end of September. For guests coming to us from abroad for a stay longer than two days, we make all the necessary arrangements prior to their arrival and are open in accordance. It is advisable to check with us via telephone or E-mail for available rooms and make reservations.


How to get there

  • The nearest airport to us is Zagreb International airport Pleso, some 50 kilometers.
  • The nearest highways are the A1 highway Zagreb-Split and the A3 highway Zagreb-Osijek.
  • Please see on the interactive Google map more details.