About us

The unforgettable experience of true country side


Fifty kilometers from the capitol Zagreb and the same distance from the towns of Karlovac and Sisak, at the border of Kordun and Banija regions, on the road towards the village of Topusko, hidden amongst tame hills surrounded by groves and creeks, lay the village of Golinja. And within the village is our farm, the Stari Dud (Old Mulberry) country estate and farm. It was named after an old mulberry tree that first formed its treetop here and under the treetop the first hearth of the village came to be. We still enjoy hot summer days in the shade of that mulberry.

Our estate spans over 75 acres and on it you will be able to see and experience everything that used to be on an old peasant farm, from many orchards and vineyards, vast meadows and pastures, springs and trails to the soft smell of hay. You will get to know our cows and sheep ride our horses and spend time with geese and ducks. At sunset, you will enjoy watching our deer and hinds as they emerge from the groves to feed on the pastures.

The Old Mulberry (Stari Dud) estate was formed on the foundation of a dying village in which only two natives reside when the father of the family Mraovic decided to change his life by leaving his stressful job in his hometown of Zagreb and to seek a new challenge in life – one that would bring excitement and tranquility at the same time. With the help of his family, his wife and two sons, he embarked on a small adventure of bringing the idea of a traditional fairytale like estate to life. The kind our ancestors used to live in.


By concentrating and coarsening several old traditional farms and restoring a number of old traditional farm houses, we have formed a small village with the central hearth surrounded by a “Hunting lodge” with a small wine and spirits cellar, an apartment house and a mini hotel both refurbished in the authentic country style, several living houses, a mini petting zoo with farm animals and other farm buildings. We also house a small traditional shop from where our guests can take home all the homemade foods, drinks and traditional handicrafts that we make at our estate: from cottage sheep cheese, home bacon and sausages to our own apple juice, plum jam, pear and plum schnapps and white wine. In our village you will see old barns, threshing barns, a small dairy production, a small schnapps production, an old bread oven, a smokehouse and many more traditional country crafts and items. For the kids, we have a beautiful little park set up with swings and a slide and a small petting zoo with farm animals. Both the little ones and the grownups will definitely enjoy when they take a stroll through our wild park with deer, hinds, goats and roe deer.

For making the best out of your day in the country side, we offer a number of excursions within and around our ranch and estate that really let you explore whether it is by biking, horseback riding, riding in a vintage coach or riding in a tractor. For those who appreciate a good home cooked meal, like the meals our grandmothers use to make, they will be delighted by our own cook, auntie Ljubica, who is known by far for her delicious home cooked food. And finally those who like to have a good time with music and a good “drop of the spirits”, they will enjoy themselves with our own home country band and make a great trip even better by “spicing” it with good wine and a shot or two of our home made schnapps.

We also offer you a variety of other interesting things to do while at our country estate…